Friday, December 30, 2011

NYpolitics2011 ends & Ny politics2012 begins!

As 2011 ends so does NYpolitics2011, and as 2012 begins so does Nypolitics2012!!! So, If you are looking for the BEST, most informed, most unbiased perspective on NYS politics, then come to as of Jan 4th! Because you can find out the state of the state THERE!!!

Happy New  year!!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cuomo on top

Once again Andrew Cuomo ,with the success of his Tax/Jobs Bill has shown what real stewardship is. In quite a impressive way The new Gov. has ,no matter the difficulty of a issue in NYS, managed to come out on top of the issue! From the Budget , to Unions, and now to the Millionares Tax!  I have monitored NYS Politics for quite some time now, and I must say that I have never seen any gov in MY tenure navigate the political seas of Albany Like Andrew Cuomo has!!! And as 2012 Progresses to its conclusion and as they begin to wonder who is next in the national democratic wings, it goes without saying that if Andrew Cuomo continues to show such expertise, if he continues to come out on top of major issues like these, there may indeed be a Cuomo in the White House before long!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cuomo's new deal

AS The 2012 legislative session prepares to begin, and as Gov Cuomo faces a electorate and a  state that is in a explosive condidtion, he has taken the bull by the horns ,so to speak, and proposed to come forward with a "new deal" as it were. And leading that new deal, as it should, is the, shall we say, revision of the Issue of the"millionares tax"! Because clearly, to be on the wrong side of this issue is, given the climate of the coming legislative session, political suicide for the New Gov. Who clearly has national ambitions in mind! 2011 was ,for the most part, a victory lap for the Gov. But 2012 will be the Litmus test! For with deficit, public question, doubt and pain on the table in NYS it will indeed take a "new deal" to clear the air as it were. A firestorm is coming to Albany in 2012 and A new deal, especially when it comes to the "millionares tax" is exactly the cold water that Gov. Cuomo needs to cool the flames!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cuomos leadership test?(the OWS issue)

Perhaps the true test of Andrew Cuomos fledgling Govenorship will be this OWS(Occupy Wall Street) issue. because as has been proven by Mayor Bloomberg in NYC & Mayor Quan in Oakland, simply taking a blunt instrument to it(that blunt instrument being the police) will not solve the problem. This issue will take what has been lacking so far in the addression of the OWS movement by elected officals and people of and In power like Gov Cuomo. It will take leadership and the proper engagement of same, by same, to quell the madding crowd! The people want to be heard and they want action, and as long as there is no real engagement of the OWS movement by those who are in a position to deliver on what they are trying to achieve, this movement will only continue to fester and grow! As NY goes so goes the world, and the OWS movement has proven that, and now it is time for the Leader of NY( in my opinion) to lead the world in engaging the OWS movement. This is a true test of leadership ,if ever there was one, and it is long past time for Andrew Cuomo to see if he is indeed equal to this task!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Chicken ALA Cuomo?

AS the NYS legislative session fast approaches, so does the time when the game of chicken must finally begin between Gov Cuomo & the OWS(Occupy Wall Street movement) The Gov has been covertly flinching in his public avoidance of addressing the international movement that has arisen in his state, but with it going international and getting stronger every day, the time is fast approaching when he will, either by his actions or the actions of Mayor Bloomberg, and the other leaders of Occipied citties in the State, be put on the spot! The OWS movement and the response to same in NYS is one that will have serious implications and repercussions for Gov Cuomo, and as he enters another contentious legislative session, it is something that he cannot leave to chance, or in the hands of others!So I think, and I'm asking, as will soon many others, whats that plan Gov.?
where do you stand on the OWS situation? And what do you intend to do about it? Because the entire world will be waiting and watching to see what you say, and what you do!!!!

Monday, October 31, 2011

I Told U so(repost

with the freak blizZard hitting so many of NYS flood raaged regions i can only say i told U so! and here is when i told U:

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Delay after the deluge!

Delay, I know delay, since after 2 months of unemployment I am still waiting for the NYS Dept of Labor's Unemployment Division to get on the ball and release my benefits, but this pales in comparision to the delay being caused literally to thousands by Politics on capitol hill. I still have a home, I know where my next meal is coming from, I simply am waiting to move on with life, but for the thousands being kept in Govermental limbo By Washington DC, we are talking a matter of literal life and death! This is the NORTHEAST! cold moves in VERY quickly and anytime after October 1st for those of you who dont know thaqt means SNOW! As in blizzard conditions! And as someone who has endured winter in Schoharie County, I can tell you it is nothing to be trifiled with! Thi disaster that was created By Hurriacne Irene could easily lead to a greater one if a early snowfall arrives , so I implore DC to get on the ball here! Get the people what they need! Get your priorities in order! VBecause we are talking about the here and now, not the Political later! End the delays, stop with the Political one upmanship! because literally, peoples lives are at stake here!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cuomos Big Wave( Occupy wall st)

AS his father before him with the major issues of race, Gov Andrew Cuomo is facing a giant wave that he must ride in the Occupy wall st protest. He has been largely slient on the movement that has arisen in his state, but sooner or later he will have to step forward and lead on the issue! But what will he say? He has allready came out as for the Millionares tax( a lynchpin of the Occupy movement) and he is seen in most circles as a union buster, so how does this Gov, who clearly has ambitions beyond Albany, surf the political seas that the Occupy wall street movement has stirred up? Somehow Gov Cuomo must find a way! This movement began here and indeed it is centered here, and the silence from the Gov's office on the issue is telling! Indeed it is such inaction on the issues as a whole that has lead to this movement in its self! So For Gov cuomo this is a Point break and like it or not, its time for Gov Cuomo to ride the wave!!! Surfs up Gov!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Putting people first(the PEF negotiation)

Gov Cuomo is to be commended for doing everything to put people first in this PEF negotiation, and noone can deny that in the wake of this Pef negotiation process! Noone( Especially in this day and time, something i can personally attest to) should be laid off from work. And, as the PEF president/spokesperson stated, The membership needs to have consideration of that fact! Consideration for people. fellows that they have worked alongside for years,(too bad I wasnt given such consideration by my fellows but i digress!) But again, the Gov is to be commended for keeping the door open for as long as he has, and I salute him for bringing the human factor to this process! Now its up to the PEF rank and file to understand that there is a time to choose your battles and now, with so many jobs hanging in the balance, is not the time to pick a fight!!! Pass the contract PEF, keep your fellows employed!!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cuomos big problem(occupy wall street)

The Cuomo express is eventually going to have to deal with a Big problem, that problem being the occupy wall street protest, and as someone who is against taxing the rich, the problem will get even bigger! Occupy Wall street is getting bigger not smaller, and seeing the organization and infrastructure that is in place, not even the harsh NYC winter will diminish it(NYE on wall street, it boggles the mind to think of it!) SO Im sure that right now, more than The PEF layoffs, more than hydrofracking, more than the aftermath of Hurricane irene, it is the Wall street protests, a virtual  political ticking time bomb, that is now occupying Andrew Cuomos thoughts, because it is becoming a huge monolith, and on this issue, Andrew Cuomo finds himself on the wrong side of it!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

U say U want a revolution?

Talk about karma! In lower NY where on 9/11/01 the fire was lit, revolution has finally come to American shores! Not thru the violence of cowardly terror, but by the American people finally waking up! The overbearing and unconcionable greed, the continued discrimination, the let them eat cake attitude of the rich while everyday people have to struggle, the discrepancies in wealth and access, that and so much more! The Beatles asked in song you say you want a revolution, well for America it may finally be here! And for those greedy self serving pompous individuals who make up the 1 percent, the ones for whom the storm troopers stand in defense of down on wall street, the ones who republicans like Herman Cain feel are blameless for nearly double digit unemployment, the destruction of the housing market and so much more, I can only say it is long overdue! So what do you think America, Are you ready for a revolution? Because now, finally, America has its sights set on the real enemy: AMERICAN GREED!!!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The PEF problem and wall street

With PEF choosing not to accept the strong arm offer of the Gov , Said gov now faces his first real dilemma in his new governorship. And with the vision of being the Democratic Chris Christie dancing no doubt in his head, Gov A. Cuomo must find a way to resolve this issue with as little furor as possible, because Union busting is not a good look to have on a future presidential resume! So I hope that this PEF issue is resolved with all due care, because it is not just the future of the 3000 potentially to be laid off, but it is the future of Andrew Cuomos political ambitions as well! And that problem aside, there is the growing issue of the occupation of Wall street that sooner or later must be addressed. Because politically this is a time bomb waiting to go off, and when it goes, everyone mayor, gov, reps, sen, and even the president himself may be blown out of the water! So the person who gets as far out in front of that inevitable explosion as soon as possible will be the person who best weathers it!!! Tick ,tock, tick tock!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Return of the Establishment!!!(and the PEF showdown)

They say those who dont learn from the mistakes of the past are destined to repeat them in the future, well guess what America, the Esatablishment is back!! You know the old guard, the monolithic attitude and mindset that facilitiated the civil rights movement, the workers rights movement, the womens rights movement and so much more! The Establishment, who killed the Kennedy brothers, and  Martin Luther King! The establishment, that brought us Kent state, The Watts riots, and so much more loveliness! The Establishment is back in full flourish. Warring on those kids on Wall street, on the kids with their pants on the ground, warring on unions and employees rights, warring on the poor, warring on immigrants and people of color, policing any and everything including fashion!
The establishment is back America arent you happy?

With their vote not to accept the contract with the State PEF has chosen not to kiss the Cuomo ring. And while I cannot discern if this is a political move or no, and while i do support the courage shown, I do know that many NYers, in a time where it clearly cannot be afforded, are in danger of losing their livelihood! I am only hoping that PEF has truly checked the winds here, because I definately feel a ill wind blowing towards them in their efforts. I hope that somehow Gov. Cuomo can find a way to end this impasses with little or no harm to state employees, because if this mushrooms into a bigger battle, it will be devastating all around!For the employees and for the untarnished(until this point) matnle of leadership of the Governors!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Delay after the deluge!

Delay, I know delay, since after 2 months of unemployment I am still waiting for the NYS Dept of Labor's Unemployment Division to get on the ball and release my benefits, but this pales in comparision to the delay being caused literally to thousands by Politics on capitol hill. I still have a home, I know where my next meal is coming from, I simply am waiting to move on with life, but for the thousands being kept in Govermental limbo By Washington DC, we are talking a matter of literal life and death! This is the NORTHEAST! cold moves in VERY quickly and anytime after October 1st for those of you who dont know thaqt means SNOW! As in blizzard conditions! And as someone who has endured winter in Schoharie County, I can tell you it is nothing to be trifiled with! Thi disaster that was created By Hurriacne Irene could easily lead to a greater one if a early snowfall arrives , so I implore DC to get on the ball here! Get the people what they need! Get your priorities in order! VBecause we are talking about the here and now, not the Political later! End the delays, stop with the Political one upmanship! because literally, peoples lives are at stake here!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Washingtons shame, NY's suffering!

In a shameful act akin to Ford telling NY to "drop dead" Washington Dc ,as it allways does when it pertains to NY issues, is dropping the ball in the wake of what may be the biggest disaster in NY since 9/11! Whole towns have been washed away! Homes are gone, livelihoods are lost, schools have been destroyed , the hospitalized have been displaced, and yet washington wants to play Politics? To quote a phrase and to paraphrase same: Have you No decency sirs and madams?
Its not about money, politics deficits whatever, its about the people, the american people you were elected and sworn to serve! Because to be frank every day of delay is nothing more than a disservice! People are suffering Washington DC! and it is to your shame that they do! Get the people of NYS what they need now, Play politics about it later!!!!! And I think Gov Cuomo, along with Gov Christie and the Gov of Vermont neeed to Gov to Capitol Hill Now not later to bring attention to this heinous political shame!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

9/11/01 and the spirit of NY(the spirit of America!)

With the anniversary of a date which will live in infamy, 9/11/01, rather than focus on the tragedy that befell NY & America on that date, I instead choose to focus on How the spirit of NY,  and Nyers and how that spirit, that never say die attitude changed the world. If 9/11/01 had happened anywhere else, they, and their nation would have been broken both in Body and spirit.This is something we have seen throught history, but in NY, and only in NY when such a unimaginable blow was struck, did the people refuse to give in! Only in NY, and America, did the people stand up and shout defiantly to those who thought they had won a decisive victory that we werent done! Only In NY & America did we stand up, brush our selves off , and summoned our determined spirit to turn what was terrors greatest victory to its greatest failure! The dancing in the streets of Araby quickly turned to wailing as NY and America stood up and fought back! And now, 10 years later, with the capitols of Araby falling one by one into the chaos they had sought for us, we can see that when the spirit of NY, the spirit of America is roused, the world changes! And now that spirit has been roused again as NY fights against flooding. Can you hear it NY? We are once again  shouting defiantly that we arent done! The spirit of NY, the Spirit of America! One more reason why that, even in our darkest hours, we are american proud and american strong! 9/11/01 was a great tragedy for NY & America, But it was a showcase of our greatest power, our greatest strength, the spirit of Ny, the spirit of America! and for that we can on this day of days be proud as Nyers & as americans!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

what a differance leadership makes

To think that a mere year ago, the public would have once again cringed at the mere thought of scandal when the then Gov patterson was in office , but now with the unquestioned leadership of Gov Cuomo in hand, and well in hand, what would have stuck like goo to Govs Patterson & Spitzer just rolls off of the New Gov Cuomo like water off of a Ducks back! And that is for, the NYs citizen, a very good thing! NYS has had more than enough of tabloid scandal thank you, and hopefully this will be a signal to focus less on the trivial when it comes to political reporting in this state!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Gay marriage, cuomo and the legislative aftermath winners & losers

Now that gay marriage has been legalized in NYS, firstly let me say that only History will judge if it was a monumental acheivement in sociology, or to quote a phrase " a date which will live in infamy"! But that aside, it is clear that there was only one Big winner in this and that Was Gov Cuomo II. Because with his national ambitions now clearly apparent(something I pointed out here first Im proud to say) it can be said that, based on his first few months in office, Gov Cuomo II is a political force on the rise in the Democratic party!  And he(Gov Cuomo II ) can serve as a textbook lesson in how to provide STRONG leadership to those who have whiffled and waffled in their leadership  roles! Leaders lead, they dont compromise and Cuomo II has proven that! Now to the losers ,and that would be everyone else! From the democrats who have kissed the cuomo ring, to those republicans who are now lame ducks walking due to their yes Vote on gay marriage,everyone lost yesterday except for gays and Gov Cuomo. Well played Gov, Well Played! Not bad for a first six months but when the politial honeymonn ends--- now that will be another story, one that we will watch for in the coming months and years!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Capitol hill prometheus

How like Prometheus, the god who stole fire from the gods and was punished forever for it, is President Obama as he enters into this re-election bid. Because in order to win he must, like prometheus, steal fire from the gods!~He must ignite, like he did in 2008, a fire among americans! Rationale wont win this election, facts wont either! This is fire verus wind. The winds of the republicans that threaten to topple everything that Obama has built! If Obama intends to win another term the same fires he once harnessed, the  fires that galvanized A nation, he must harness again! Because with the republicans set  to unleash, unfetter, and deregulate the rich and powerful, the poor, minorities and middle class in America face another republican nightmare! Being cool clam and collected will not win relelction for the president, being the smartest man in the room wont win relection for the preisdent, but a fire will! A fire like the one that blazed him into office, a fire where hope and change trumped greed  and divisiveness! FIRE Mr president, not Ice!!!! Because if you dont ignite a fire in America, a whole lot of Americans are going to feel a republican cold in 2012!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

back from the brink!

It's a good thing that lawmakers have stepped back from the brink as this same sex thing goes, because this is not something that should be steamrollered into law. Cuomos leadership strength aside, I think this should be something that the people of NY vote on, not have legislated upon them! It would be good for everyone involved and it would truly settle the matter because it would come from the people not from politics or the motivation of same! So i'll go on record here and say that I hope there is no vote on the issue, and if there is one, i hope it fails, because this is for the people to decide in the ballot box, not legislators!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

courage & conviction, not whatever way the political wind blows!

As the legislative session draws to a close, I hope that on this Same sex marriage issue, that it passes or fails due to the courage and conviction of those who are addressing the matter, not by politicans going with whatever way the political wind is blowing! This issue(a issue that shouldnt be priority in my opinion in this time of high unemployment, fiscal concerns, educational issues and much more) Is something that strikes at the very core of right and wrong in America and it should be about that, as opposed to being simply politics or political fodder! As I said ijn a prior blog post there is a price to be paid for this, and with that price being so high, we cannot afford to be steamrollered in to making a decision simply for politics sake! Simply this is not a issue of civil rights or quality of life, this is a small issue magnified to levels where it should not be or hold, and it shouldnt be putting other more important issues on hold as well! This issue has been a measure of courage and conviction(or the lack of same )on Albanys capitol hill, not a issue of republicans versus democrat and that is what will be most remembered by voters like myself in future elections, who had the courage to stand by their convictions when addressing this issue instead of going in whatever way the political  wind blew! its not wrong to vote no, and its not wrong to vote yes, UNLESS your vote shows a clear lack of courage and convictions! And if it does then shame on you!!! Because the public deserves better than a political sham vote and a political sham issue, which to be frank this same sex marriage issue is and has become! What the public needs to focus on is the fact that while all this time has been spent on this sexual nonsense, real quality of life issues like Rent Control  are given the lowest of priorities and that my book is very wrong! So when the session ends tomorrow or is extended, the voters need to remember that! courage and conviction, not whatever way the political winds blows, that is what is wrong with Albany politics, and that is what needs to be fixed in Albany! And politics in general!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Anthony Weiner(a lesson in Priorities)

With the resignation of Anthony Weiner, we have here a object lesson in priorities and what happens when that which should be low priority becomes too high! Here was a man who had it all and squandered it because sex became too much of a priority, and that is something that needs to be understood in NYS as well. For while we are caught up in this same sex nonsense, rent control in NYC is in serious jeopoardy! Rather than calling a special session on rent control, it should be done to address the same sex marriage issue once and for all. I think people having a place to live takes a far greater priority than the validation of sexual preferance! As does trying to find a way to not lay off 10000 individuals among other pressing concerns!
Anthony weiner is gone, and in his passing, not one job has been created or saved, and not one rent has been stabilized, our soldiers are still abroad and at war, our educational system is still under siege, and our youth and seniors are still at risk! Priorities people priorities! I hope that is the lesson that is learned from the Weiner debacle, because clearly, we lack them when it comes to real issues versus trvial pursuit in NY!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Price of political correctness.

With Gov Cuomo about to layoff thousdands of people, and with him about to pass same sex marriage in NYS, we, as NYers and Americans really need to start thinking about the price of political correctness. Because , as this nation and this state becomes ,each and every day, worse not better, as  , as the bar continues to be lowered, as teachers, and unions, and religion and everyday people come  under attack, and as we are, due to political correctness forced each and everyday to accept more and more what shouldnt be accepted, in the name of being politically correct, we need to ask ourselves, as people lose jobs, as communties lose services, and our basic rights are infringed upon( and thats what the smoking ban is in NYC a infringement) Is the price of Political correctness something that is worth paying? It seems that there is no more simple right and wrong everything is in a gray area, a politically correct area and that is a bad place for both NYS and America to be! Is the price of political correctness worth paying America?
For me, the answer is definately not!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cuomo 2016????

Say Barrack Obama is defeated in 2012, and the republicans rule. And ,as usual ,they tax cut, and deregulate us(as they allways do) into a deficit and unemployment nightmare.(as they have done) America will will be looking for a leader, a new democratic leader, and since there is no Clinton, who could it be?  Perhaps a budget balancing, tax capping, ethical reformer from Albany NY? Cuomo 2016? A very distinct possibility!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

full disclosure at last!!!!

Full disclosure at last in NYS! Bravo to Gov Cuomo for putting the money where the mouth is! No longer will corruption be a given, a taken for granted in NYS! No longer(we hope) will NYS Government be the public embarassment  it has been for the last few years. Full disclosure is something that has been long overdue in All politics not just NYS, and I am greatly heartened that NYS, as it does in so many things has taken the lead on the issue! This is something that Nyers can be proud of, Gov that Nyers can be proud of, so many people are talking about rightsizing gov. and this is the way to do it! Common sense moves , not outrageous and extreme actions!  Cuomo is getting it done! And getting it done quite well I must say!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Gay marriage a opinion

Simply put while I personally oppose gay marriage, if it becomes the law of the land or the state then I wont have any problem with it . I do believe that marriage is between a man and a woman, and in the end, this is nothing more than a attempt for Gay people to validate themsleves and their choice of a alternative lifestyle, but they need to understand that even though it my be validated by the law, it is not a validation of their lifestyle and their choice. Everyone has the right to live and love and yes marry,in a civilized society, but it still doesnt make it right! So lets pass Gay marriage allready because there is a big differance between public policy and personal beliefs. And that wont change( personal beliefs) no matter how many Gay marriages there are!Gay marriage yes, validation of the gay lifestyle NO!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Reverse Taxation?

With the republicans fighting to the death to insure the continued tax breaks for the rich and corporate in America, I wonder if we need to start crying out against the reverse taxation that they are inflciting on the poor and middle class in america, because that is what spending cuts clearly are. nothing more than robbing the poor to pay for the rich! This reverse taxation, this shifting the burden from the haves to the have nots is a tax policy that is criminal to be frank, and a insult to abnyone of conscience and /or intelligence. reverse taxation like its older more insulting cousin reverse racism needs to be brought to a end and swiftly, and the architects of this latest affront, the usual suspects, the republcians need to be held accountable for it!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

What A differance a Gov makes

First let me say it is a welcome change up in Albany from the past 4 years ! Gov Andrew Cuomo has indeed turned the political climate around 180 degrees from all of the controversy, scandal and the like that Albany had become famous for over the last four years, And what ever the case , be it a issue of race,( and make no mistake a lot of the issues surrounding David Patterson were race based, in MY opinion) Statesmanship, whatever, the fact of the matter is that the new Cuomo administration has quelled the politics of controversy and it has changed the buisness as usual sentiment and atmopsphere towards it on capitol Hill in Albany. And for that the Cuomo administration is to be commended. The very fact that there is no daily scandal, no power plays, none of what we had come to expect and accept in the last for years is a tangible measurement of Cuomos power and success. And for that every NYer is definately grateful! Well done Gov Cuomo, well done!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The national electorial cycle & New York

As the national electorial cycle begins in earnest shortly, I, for one, am of the Hope that Gov Cuomo will be one of the loudest voices and one of the Mjaor players in it! As has been proven, as NY goes so goes the nation, and with the nations economic  fortunes being so attuned to Nys, it is only fitting that the leader of this state becomes a major player in the fight for the future of this nation that is about to get underway in earnest! NY money, Ny jobs and NY issues, these must be placed at the forefront of concern for both President Obama, as he seeks to be re-elected, and for all of those who would seek to replace him. The national  electorial cycle is upon us, and it will be both the job and duty of Andrew Cuomo to insure that NY is placed first and foremost on the to- do list of whomever will be the next president of the USA!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cuomo, the Tax cap, and life beyond the porcine!

TO be frank, the Gov is right, NYers, and the Ny education system can live under a tax cap and they should! Even a pig can be overfed, and the porcine nature of our educational system is one of the reaons why  it continues to fail! All over the world, educational sytems that are leaner and meaner than ours are pushing out superior educated students! You dont hear them crying about oh we need more money, yada yada yada! They are getting the job done with what they have, and it is far less than what we are giving yearly to education, particulalry in this state! We cant keep filling the trough, especially since the quality of "meat " here is steadily declining! Cuomo is right, NYers can and should live under a tax cap. It will be something that our educational system in  this state has provided for a long time now, a EDUCATIONAL experience!

Monday, April 25, 2011


Simply put, its way past time for someone to put out the call, somome in a high leadership position to boycott gasoline until the outrageously high prices come down! Its unacceptable for the american people to be essentially gouged at the pump, and for the leadership of this nation to simply say"there's nothing that can be done." This is the USA!! there is  nothing we cant do when we put our mind to it!Just  imagine what would have happned if President Obama, instead of saying there's nothing we can do, came out and took a position that galvanized the american people, and what if he was joined in this by members of congress and other public figures? Talk about a sea change! And to be frank that is what is needed as it pertains to this gas situation, A sea change! We dont need to simply wait and ride it out! We need action! And the action we need is to BOYCOTT gas! A one week Boycott of of gas would speak volumes!  One week would make a sea change. I think its a valid idea, what do you think America? I know youre out there!!!! BOYCOTT GAS! Are we cash cows or americans?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

the legislative session 2011 the aftermath

Well the dust has settled, and the smoke has cleared, and, in the aftermath of the legislative session of 2011 ,it can be said that while order was established in the legislature of NY, chaos still reigns supreme in the social state and order of same! Andrew Cuomo proved himself a leader, a undisputed leader. The days of the political chaos and disorder of the Spitzer and Patterson administrations are gone, and I for one and very happy about that. But while we dont have to endure any republican engineered coups or any self serving, crabs in a barrel  political agendas,we do have to face the fact that this order was gained at the peoples expense! Issues that should have been contended werent, and how that will affect the public at large noone can say. I believe in one step at a time, and if the securing of the political theatre was the first step then so be it.But in the aftermath of the 2011 legislative session I will be the first to say that the public is very much waiting and ready to see what step 2 is going to be! And hopefully they wont have to wait until 2012 to see it! 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

the New York State Budget a perspective

SO it seems that by tonight we will have a Budget in place for NYS for the year 2011. And while it can be celebrated that Leadership has returned to the capitol, that order has come once again to the chaos that was capitol hill the last 2 years,what remains glaring in the face of that is the fact that ,while NY government gained, the people of NY lost! While everyone else was forced to shoulder the Burder of our financial difficulties in this state, our legislators and our new Governor, to his detriment, shielded and allowed Millionares and billionares to essentially continue the ways and maintain the means that truly led us to this pass! As I recall, it was wall street ,not main street that got NYS into this mess, not teachers, not collective bargaining , not state workers, not students, and not medicaid recipients! It was Wall street and the banks who created and caused the massive loss of revenue in NYS, Millionares and billionares, but even though their culpablity is a historical and documented fact, were they held accountable? Were they demanded to shoulder the burden that they created? No! And that, for all of the success that has been had in this legislative session, is a great failure! We have a on time Budget in NYS, but what was sacrified in order to present that on time budget is a clear shame!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

april 1st the deadline looms!!!

With less than a week to go, it seems that it is becoming a all or nothing gamble for the new governor Cuomo, as he seeks to , in his first year, have a on time budget passed. A on time budget will indeed do wonders for him as a leader and it will do wonders for his political creditbility. But as the saying goes at what cost to NY? Because despite all the statements of "for the people" and "this is what the people want" it is clear that it is the people who will be the most hurt by this budget, be it on time or no. Andrew cuomo will, if this budget passes on time,have returned stability and a firm hand to the rudder of the ship of state, but the price may be far too high to the everyday Nyer to pay! Hopefully, the next step in the ambitous agenda of the new Gov will be to assuage all those who are bieng hurt by this budget in NY.But all that will have to wait until after 4/1/11
which is only 4 days away!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

pass or fail?Cuomos budget deadline

To be straightforward and short and sweet, If Andrew Cuomo, as it seems he may, passes his first budget ON TIME, then his leadership will be cemented in granite! If he can pass a on time budget his first time out, then he will have exceeded any and all expectations and all systems will be go for his future agenda. Can he do it, we have only 2 weeks to find out as the April deadline looms. Pass or fail? it will be interesting to see if this all or nothing gamble succeeds in NY!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Simmering to a boil!

AS the talk of lay offs and other matters continue regarding the NYS budget process, it is clear that in NYS things are simmering to a boil. and soon here in the capitol of NY, we may face the same level of protest in our capitol as wisconsin, ohio, indiana dn the others now face. To be frank, the public are being hit very hard, and they are primed to strike back. It's being forgotten that they very people that are being railed against in America, teacher and unions are taxpayers!It is their money that we are talking about! They are not the enemy, and to his credit, Andrew Cuomo, unlike his counterparts in Wisconsin and elsewhere, has gone out of his way to insure that the people in NYS are not being painted as the enemy! But the question is will that be enough? Because Gov Cuomo, as seen in the past few weeks, the fire continues to burn under the pot, and it is indeed simmering to a boil! And if it boils over in NYS, Wisconsin and the rest will seem like high school catfights in comparison! People can only be pushed so far, and when youre talking about NYers, that limit can be reached quickly, and its being reached! So, I hope that the new Gov is cognizant of that fact! Because that pot is coming to a boil Gov Cuomo, and the need for straight talk  to to the People of Ny is the only thing that may be able to cool it!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

NYSABAPL weekend report

The past weekend, if the annual legislative conferance of Black, Asian and Puerto Rican legislators is any barometer , was a measure of concern, and change. It was a weekend of the the old political warhorses, and the same old political issues, and it was a sign of change to come! It was a weekend of Rev Al sharpton galvanizing the faithful for the effort, and Charles Barron confronting the issue head on! It was a weekend where the greatest congressional delegation on Capitol Hill was among its constituency, Charles Rangel, Kristen Gillibrand and  Sen Chuck Schumer, all there and all welcomed with open arms! And it was a weekend with Political up and comers testing the waters. Like My good friend Bronx borough President Ruben Diaz Jr( MY pick to contend for Mayor of NYC in the next Mayoral Cycle), and City comptroller John Liu ( a dark horse who could win it with the right Political jockey) But I think the greatest message that this weekend sent was one that I hope will be delivered far and wide, be it from people like Charles Barron, or from the mouth of babes! In this time of extreme politics, when we can make war on seniors, the poor, and children and familes IE: medicare, social security,education,and collective bargaining for public employees, why are politicians, from the president on down, loathe  to fight against millionares?!!! Protect the  poor, protect seniors, protect education,protect children,protect families, protect public employees rights, and stop protecting Millionares!! Thats what this weekend was about in Albany , and as allways I am glad to say I attended and was a BIG part of it!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

NYSABPL the place to be!

I hope that if you read this, you take the time to come down to the Empire State Plaza  in Albany NY this weekend, whether youre young or old, black, white,spanish, asian, indian or whatever, and experience all that the annual black and puerto rican legislative weeknd has to offer! Because you will get a chance to see the other side, not just of people of color , but of Capitol hill in Albany as well! You will see legislators inateracting and listening to the concerns of their consituencies,to the public, and you will witness the public being heard. You will hear  inspirational  stories, and meet inspirational figures, and you will witness youth being youth, and people generally enjoying themselves one and all! So many horror stories come out of Albanys capitol, but for the most part what really goes on is neglected, especially by the media! So rather than waiting for the story that is never heard, I encourage you one and all, to come and see it for yourselves! You'll be pleasantly surprised!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

the way the wind blows

As the annual NYS Black and Puerto Rican legislative conferance arrives in the State capitol this weekend, you will be able to tell which way the wind is blowing regarding the new governors Budgetary efforts! And you can bet that it will be the main topic of discussion at all the workshops , receptions, luncheons, and dinners!   I fully expect the Goverbnor to be on the ground there with a presence. because simply put ,the political wind that will come out of Albany this weekend will be one that can billow the sails of the new governors ship of state, or it will be a wind that will create the most stormy of seas! And in these most treacherous of waters which is the NYS Budgetary session it will be necessary for All hands to be on deck as it were! This weekend is the Biggest political weekend of the year in NYS!   where the political  alliances that are needed to pass the budget will be forged, or where the political cabals that will scuttle it plan in the shadows. The way the political wind blows.You will be able to gauge it this weekend in Albany NY, and for the fledgling ship of state that is the New Cuomo Administration I hope it catches a political sail wind and not a headwind! Because it must get out of port, not remain landlocked as the Obama ship of state is or as the Patterson ship of state was! A lot is riding here, and it is imperative that Gov Cuomo insures that, coming out of this legislative weekend ,the wind is in his sails and beneath his wings!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Gov on the Point

So Now that the Budget has been presented it is up to Gov Cuomo to take the point as it were in the selling of this budget to the people and to the NYS legislature. To his credit Gov Cuomo., in his budget presentation, brought a lucidity and a coherency that has not been seen in NYS and Im sure was very much appreciated. But that Lucidity and coherency in presentation must be matched with lucidity and coherency in action, and this blogger believes that he(the Gov) has the capabilty to do just that! Unencumbered By politics and conflicts as Govs Spitzer and Patterson were, this budget process can be to use Football terms, a straight run for daylight if the Gov quarterbacks it right! For the first time in A very long time NY has a leader who can look fully forward. A Gov  who can see the field for what it is and who can deal with the challenged that are in front of him, not whats coming from behind. SO to be frank, If Gov Cuomo goes on point for this budget, His budget, the chance for success is excellent, and a successful budget process and a on time budget would be for NYS in this time a very good thing, and a very good step for a New Gov in a new Fiscal year! I for one, wish him well in that endeavor, and I call upon the enitre NYS legislature to support him in that effort!

Monday, January 31, 2011

It takes a leader( the NYS budget)

AS Gov Andrew Cuomo prepares to unleash his first Budget for public viewing. I hope he is prepared to devliver the straight talk that will need to be heard regarding it. Because it is a lecture that has been long over due to be given in NYS! NYS, while still the best state in this great nation, remains  at its worst economically, socially and legislatively! We have rested too long on our laurels, basked too long in our own glow. And while we have done so, NYS has faltered and fell.   Now we in NY have to do something we havent had to do, due to the greatness of this state, since way back when Ford told us to drop dead! We have to work! We have fallen from heaven, fallen from grace, but as allways in NY, the mountaintop is within reach! But it is going to take a leader to get NY there! Is Andrew Cuomo that leader? We in NYS do not know that as yet, but the first step on that journey of finding out will be taken tomorrow when his first budget is presented. And as that step is taken we in NYS must remember that just as moses wandered with the israelites in the wilderness for 40 years, just as dr king struggled in the south for freedom, just as ghandi fought for change against the mighty british empire, nothing comes in a single day and nothing comes easy! It comes with work, sacrifice and above all: LEADERSHIP! It may take a village to raise a child, But it will take a leader to make NYS great again! And the NYS Budget process will be Gov Andrew Cuomos proving ground. For all our sakes I , for one, hope he proves worthy!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Like the sword of Damocles

Like the sword of Damocles, the prospect of layoffs is dangling over the publics head in NYS. And as the inevtiable comes to fruition, it will be the true test of Andrew Cuomos newly garnered leadership in seeing where it falls. For simply put, the people of NYS deserve far better than to bear the Burden of a situation caused by bad politics, worse politicans, Wall street greed and federal dysfunction! NYS is in a bad way,, but the public clearly does not deserve to be treated in such a way. So let not this budget be made and balanced on the poor, on the working poor, and on the families and others who need, more than ever. this states consideration and compassion. Let these cuts and layoffs come from the top down, not the bottom up! Let there be attrition, early retirement incentives, let every measure be taken to assure that when these inevtiable layoffs occur, when the sword of damocles finally falls on the citizens of NYS, that it falls fairly and justly! These layoffs and other actions must be done with a surgical precision, not with a politically motivated hacking away! Anything less will be and is a disservice to the public that Gov.Cuomo has been elected to serve! So as the sword falls, it remains to be seen just how well it is wielded!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Tick tock(the NY Budget clock)

LIke a dead mans clock, the wait until Andrew Cuomo's first NYs budget Goes tick tock! As as everyone from wall street to main st waits with baited breath I can only wonder if the New Gov's presented Budget will be greeeted with Cheers or jeers? If he will be Lauded for being a fiscal visionary or Villified with protests in the streets as Gov Geroge Pataki was when his 1st Budget was presented during the last era of Fiscal bad times in NYS. Like I said Tick tock goes the Budget clock in NYS. Because once it is clicked on, then the REAL fun begins!!!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Rekindling hope.(the State of NYS address)

They came by the thousands.People from all across the great state of NYS, and why did they come? Because for all of the disapointment, all of the public debacles, all of the shame, all of the politics, all of the scandal, NYERS still, after all is said and done, believe in NYS! They still believe that NY is great! They still have,  after all that has come before, HOPE! And as NY, under the new leadership of Andrew Cuomo takes that first Halting step forward ,that hope will be key in pushing this state up out of the quagmire it finds itself in! Because as the coming pain and challenge arrives and sets in, as the political battles are fought and waged in Albany, the Hope that was expressed in the attendance and the focus on the words of Gov Andrew Cuomo on weds afternoon must remain. And every measure than can be taken must be taken to insure that hope does remain within the hearts and minds of each and every NYER ! Because if hope can be rekindled, if optimism instead of pessimism can be reinvigorated with straight talk and real action coming from NYs capitol hill in this coming Legislative session, then Yes we can turn this state around! Rekindling hope. Hope rekindled. Something that the first state of the state message of Andrew Cuomo took a giant step towards doing.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Andrew Cuomo's State of the State Address

As Andrew Cuomo speaks to the state in his first major address as Gov. it will be almost certain that he reraches out to the people. For as he prepares for the herculean task before him, he knows that he is going to need to support of the people when he begins to do the heavy lifting and make the hard choices that are about to affect so many! NYS is in a bad way, and I for one do not envy Andrew the task that is before him, because indeed before this legislative session is done he will make more  enemies than friends both on capitol hill and among the very people he hopes to serve. But Andrew wasnt elected to make friends or endear himself to the usual political status quo, he was elected because people beleive that he has the strength and leadership to do what must be done plain and simple, and tomorrow afternoon THAT is what he must convey to the people, that he can do what must be done, that he is the leader they hope for, and that they voted for! NYers have had enough in the last four years of  disapointment and tomorrow for Andrew it will indeed be Day one! This speech tomorrow may be the Biggest one of Andrews political life, because it will outline all that he plans and all that he hopes to achieve, but more than that it must reach the people and resonate within  them! It indeed must be more than words! so with that said, Gov Cuomo, the podium is yours!!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcome to NY Politics 2011!!!

Hello and welcome to my second blog. NY Politics 2011 will in the tradition of its bigger brother examine the issues and politics of NYS. We in Ny have a new gov. A new republican senate and the same old political problems and as we move forward into the legislative session and the political year Im sure there will be many issues ripe for debate and discussion so again welcome to NY Politics 2011 and our first topic is----

" Cuomo Redux. The prodigal son?"

So the Cuomo era begins again in Albany, as Andrew Cuomo, with little Pomp and circumstance was sworn in on New years day. And that action should give a little insight to those who are not familiar with the prodigal son. While there will be much comparison, for good and for Ill  to andrew's father, and his governing style, people will fast discover that Andrew is not his father in his style, be it personally or on a administrative level. While his father was a intellectual, a thinker, andrew is a calculator, and a doer! Andrew is a challenger, he is not afraid to buck the trends and the status quo. and While his father was completely at home above the radar on a national level, Andrew is completely at home under it! So NY, particulalry to those of you who look to Andrew with visions of his father dancing in your head, Understand and learn quickly, this is not the prodigal son that you would believe him to be! Andrew has been waiting a long time to carve his own path in the political wilderness and as of yesterday the wait has ended. The Cuomos are back in buisness, but its Andrews buisness that will be conducted, not  his famous father's!