Saturday, May 28, 2011

Gay marriage a opinion

Simply put while I personally oppose gay marriage, if it becomes the law of the land or the state then I wont have any problem with it . I do believe that marriage is between a man and a woman, and in the end, this is nothing more than a attempt for Gay people to validate themsleves and their choice of a alternative lifestyle, but they need to understand that even though it my be validated by the law, it is not a validation of their lifestyle and their choice. Everyone has the right to live and love and yes marry,in a civilized society, but it still doesnt make it right! So lets pass Gay marriage allready because there is a big differance between public policy and personal beliefs. And that wont change( personal beliefs) no matter how many Gay marriages there are!Gay marriage yes, validation of the gay lifestyle NO!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Reverse Taxation?

With the republicans fighting to the death to insure the continued tax breaks for the rich and corporate in America, I wonder if we need to start crying out against the reverse taxation that they are inflciting on the poor and middle class in america, because that is what spending cuts clearly are. nothing more than robbing the poor to pay for the rich! This reverse taxation, this shifting the burden from the haves to the have nots is a tax policy that is criminal to be frank, and a insult to abnyone of conscience and /or intelligence. reverse taxation like its older more insulting cousin reverse racism needs to be brought to a end and swiftly, and the architects of this latest affront, the usual suspects, the republcians need to be held accountable for it!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

What A differance a Gov makes

First let me say it is a welcome change up in Albany from the past 4 years ! Gov Andrew Cuomo has indeed turned the political climate around 180 degrees from all of the controversy, scandal and the like that Albany had become famous for over the last four years, And what ever the case , be it a issue of race,( and make no mistake a lot of the issues surrounding David Patterson were race based, in MY opinion) Statesmanship, whatever, the fact of the matter is that the new Cuomo administration has quelled the politics of controversy and it has changed the buisness as usual sentiment and atmopsphere towards it on capitol Hill in Albany. And for that the Cuomo administration is to be commended. The very fact that there is no daily scandal, no power plays, none of what we had come to expect and accept in the last for years is a tangible measurement of Cuomos power and success. And for that every NYer is definately grateful! Well done Gov Cuomo, well done!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The national electorial cycle & New York

As the national electorial cycle begins in earnest shortly, I, for one, am of the Hope that Gov Cuomo will be one of the loudest voices and one of the Mjaor players in it! As has been proven, as NY goes so goes the nation, and with the nations economic  fortunes being so attuned to Nys, it is only fitting that the leader of this state becomes a major player in the fight for the future of this nation that is about to get underway in earnest! NY money, Ny jobs and NY issues, these must be placed at the forefront of concern for both President Obama, as he seeks to be re-elected, and for all of those who would seek to replace him. The national  electorial cycle is upon us, and it will be both the job and duty of Andrew Cuomo to insure that NY is placed first and foremost on the to- do list of whomever will be the next president of the USA!