Friday, January 21, 2011

Like the sword of Damocles

Like the sword of Damocles, the prospect of layoffs is dangling over the publics head in NYS. And as the inevtiable comes to fruition, it will be the true test of Andrew Cuomos newly garnered leadership in seeing where it falls. For simply put, the people of NYS deserve far better than to bear the Burden of a situation caused by bad politics, worse politicans, Wall street greed and federal dysfunction! NYS is in a bad way,, but the public clearly does not deserve to be treated in such a way. So let not this budget be made and balanced on the poor, on the working poor, and on the families and others who need, more than ever. this states consideration and compassion. Let these cuts and layoffs come from the top down, not the bottom up! Let there be attrition, early retirement incentives, let every measure be taken to assure that when these inevtiable layoffs occur, when the sword of damocles finally falls on the citizens of NYS, that it falls fairly and justly! These layoffs and other actions must be done with a surgical precision, not with a politically motivated hacking away! Anything less will be and is a disservice to the public that Gov.Cuomo has been elected to serve! So as the sword falls, it remains to be seen just how well it is wielded!

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