Thursday, October 6, 2011

U say U want a revolution?

Talk about karma! In lower NY where on 9/11/01 the fire was lit, revolution has finally come to American shores! Not thru the violence of cowardly terror, but by the American people finally waking up! The overbearing and unconcionable greed, the continued discrimination, the let them eat cake attitude of the rich while everyday people have to struggle, the discrepancies in wealth and access, that and so much more! The Beatles asked in song you say you want a revolution, well for America it may finally be here! And for those greedy self serving pompous individuals who make up the 1 percent, the ones for whom the storm troopers stand in defense of down on wall street, the ones who republicans like Herman Cain feel are blameless for nearly double digit unemployment, the destruction of the housing market and so much more, I can only say it is long overdue! So what do you think America, Are you ready for a revolution? Because now, finally, America has its sights set on the real enemy: AMERICAN GREED!!!!

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