Friday, February 18, 2011

NYSABPL the place to be!

I hope that if you read this, you take the time to come down to the Empire State Plaza  in Albany NY this weekend, whether youre young or old, black, white,spanish, asian, indian or whatever, and experience all that the annual black and puerto rican legislative weeknd has to offer! Because you will get a chance to see the other side, not just of people of color , but of Capitol hill in Albany as well! You will see legislators inateracting and listening to the concerns of their consituencies,to the public, and you will witness the public being heard. You will hear  inspirational  stories, and meet inspirational figures, and you will witness youth being youth, and people generally enjoying themselves one and all! So many horror stories come out of Albanys capitol, but for the most part what really goes on is neglected, especially by the media! So rather than waiting for the story that is never heard, I encourage you one and all, to come and see it for yourselves! You'll be pleasantly surprised!!!

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