Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The PEF problem and wall street

With PEF choosing not to accept the strong arm offer of the Gov , Said gov now faces his first real dilemma in his new governorship. And with the vision of being the Democratic Chris Christie dancing no doubt in his head, Gov A. Cuomo must find a way to resolve this issue with as little furor as possible, because Union busting is not a good look to have on a future presidential resume! So I hope that this PEF issue is resolved with all due care, because it is not just the future of the 3000 potentially to be laid off, but it is the future of Andrew Cuomos political ambitions as well! And that problem aside, there is the growing issue of the occupation of Wall street that sooner or later must be addressed. Because politically this is a time bomb waiting to go off, and when it goes, everyone mayor, gov, reps, sen, and even the president himself may be blown out of the water! So the person who gets as far out in front of that inevitable explosion as soon as possible will be the person who best weathers it!!! Tick ,tock, tick tock!!!

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