Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcome to NY Politics 2011!!!

Hello and welcome to my second blog. NY Politics 2011 will in the tradition of its bigger brother examine the issues and politics of NYS. We in Ny have a new gov. A new republican senate and the same old political problems and as we move forward into the legislative session and the political year Im sure there will be many issues ripe for debate and discussion so again welcome to NY Politics 2011 and our first topic is----

" Cuomo Redux. The prodigal son?"

So the Cuomo era begins again in Albany, as Andrew Cuomo, with little Pomp and circumstance was sworn in on New years day. And that action should give a little insight to those who are not familiar with the prodigal son. While there will be much comparison, for good and for Ill  to andrew's father, and his governing style, people will fast discover that Andrew is not his father in his style, be it personally or on a administrative level. While his father was a intellectual, a thinker, andrew is a calculator, and a doer! Andrew is a challenger, he is not afraid to buck the trends and the status quo. and While his father was completely at home above the radar on a national level, Andrew is completely at home under it! So NY, particulalry to those of you who look to Andrew with visions of his father dancing in your head, Understand and learn quickly, this is not the prodigal son that you would believe him to be! Andrew has been waiting a long time to carve his own path in the political wilderness and as of yesterday the wait has ended. The Cuomos are back in buisness, but its Andrews buisness that will be conducted, not  his famous father's!

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