Tuesday, February 22, 2011

NYSABAPL weekend report

The past weekend, if the annual legislative conferance of Black, Asian and Puerto Rican legislators is any barometer , was a measure of concern, and change. It was a weekend of the the old political warhorses, and the same old political issues, and it was a sign of change to come! It was a weekend of Rev Al sharpton galvanizing the faithful for the effort, and Charles Barron confronting the issue head on! It was a weekend where the greatest congressional delegation on Capitol Hill was among its constituency, Charles Rangel, Kristen Gillibrand and  Sen Chuck Schumer, all there and all welcomed with open arms! And it was a weekend with Political up and comers testing the waters. Like My good friend Bronx borough President Ruben Diaz Jr( MY pick to contend for Mayor of NYC in the next Mayoral Cycle), and City comptroller John Liu ( a dark horse who could win it with the right Political jockey) But I think the greatest message that this weekend sent was one that I hope will be delivered far and wide, be it from people like Charles Barron, or from the mouth of babes! In this time of extreme politics, when we can make war on seniors, the poor, and children and familes IE: medicare, social security,education,and collective bargaining for public employees, why are politicians, from the president on down, loathe  to fight against millionares?!!! Protect the  poor, protect seniors, protect education,protect children,protect families, protect public employees rights, and stop protecting Millionares!! Thats what this weekend was about in Albany , and as allways I am glad to say I attended and was a BIG part of it!!!

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