Thursday, January 6, 2011

Rekindling hope.(the State of NYS address)

They came by the thousands.People from all across the great state of NYS, and why did they come? Because for all of the disapointment, all of the public debacles, all of the shame, all of the politics, all of the scandal, NYERS still, after all is said and done, believe in NYS! They still believe that NY is great! They still have,  after all that has come before, HOPE! And as NY, under the new leadership of Andrew Cuomo takes that first Halting step forward ,that hope will be key in pushing this state up out of the quagmire it finds itself in! Because as the coming pain and challenge arrives and sets in, as the political battles are fought and waged in Albany, the Hope that was expressed in the attendance and the focus on the words of Gov Andrew Cuomo on weds afternoon must remain. And every measure than can be taken must be taken to insure that hope does remain within the hearts and minds of each and every NYER ! Because if hope can be rekindled, if optimism instead of pessimism can be reinvigorated with straight talk and real action coming from NYs capitol hill in this coming Legislative session, then Yes we can turn this state around! Rekindling hope. Hope rekindled. Something that the first state of the state message of Andrew Cuomo took a giant step towards doing.

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