Saturday, June 25, 2011

Gay marriage, cuomo and the legislative aftermath winners & losers

Now that gay marriage has been legalized in NYS, firstly let me say that only History will judge if it was a monumental acheivement in sociology, or to quote a phrase " a date which will live in infamy"! But that aside, it is clear that there was only one Big winner in this and that Was Gov Cuomo II. Because with his national ambitions now clearly apparent(something I pointed out here first Im proud to say) it can be said that, based on his first few months in office, Gov Cuomo II is a political force on the rise in the Democratic party!  And he(Gov Cuomo II ) can serve as a textbook lesson in how to provide STRONG leadership to those who have whiffled and waffled in their leadership  roles! Leaders lead, they dont compromise and Cuomo II has proven that! Now to the losers ,and that would be everyone else! From the democrats who have kissed the cuomo ring, to those republicans who are now lame ducks walking due to their yes Vote on gay marriage,everyone lost yesterday except for gays and Gov Cuomo. Well played Gov, Well Played! Not bad for a first six months but when the politial honeymonn ends--- now that will be another story, one that we will watch for in the coming months and years!

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