Friday, September 23, 2011

Washingtons shame, NY's suffering!

In a shameful act akin to Ford telling NY to "drop dead" Washington Dc ,as it allways does when it pertains to NY issues, is dropping the ball in the wake of what may be the biggest disaster in NY since 9/11! Whole towns have been washed away! Homes are gone, livelihoods are lost, schools have been destroyed , the hospitalized have been displaced, and yet washington wants to play Politics? To quote a phrase and to paraphrase same: Have you No decency sirs and madams?
Its not about money, politics deficits whatever, its about the people, the american people you were elected and sworn to serve! Because to be frank every day of delay is nothing more than a disservice! People are suffering Washington DC! and it is to your shame that they do! Get the people of NYS what they need now, Play politics about it later!!!!! And I think Gov Cuomo, along with Gov Christie and the Gov of Vermont neeed to Gov to Capitol Hill Now not later to bring attention to this heinous political shame!

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