Sunday, June 19, 2011

courage & conviction, not whatever way the political wind blows!

As the legislative session draws to a close, I hope that on this Same sex marriage issue, that it passes or fails due to the courage and conviction of those who are addressing the matter, not by politicans going with whatever way the political wind is blowing! This issue(a issue that shouldnt be priority in my opinion in this time of high unemployment, fiscal concerns, educational issues and much more) Is something that strikes at the very core of right and wrong in America and it should be about that, as opposed to being simply politics or political fodder! As I said ijn a prior blog post there is a price to be paid for this, and with that price being so high, we cannot afford to be steamrollered in to making a decision simply for politics sake! Simply this is not a issue of civil rights or quality of life, this is a small issue magnified to levels where it should not be or hold, and it shouldnt be putting other more important issues on hold as well! This issue has been a measure of courage and conviction(or the lack of same )on Albanys capitol hill, not a issue of republicans versus democrat and that is what will be most remembered by voters like myself in future elections, who had the courage to stand by their convictions when addressing this issue instead of going in whatever way the political  wind blew! its not wrong to vote no, and its not wrong to vote yes, UNLESS your vote shows a clear lack of courage and convictions! And if it does then shame on you!!! Because the public deserves better than a political sham vote and a political sham issue, which to be frank this same sex marriage issue is and has become! What the public needs to focus on is the fact that while all this time has been spent on this sexual nonsense, real quality of life issues like Rent Control  are given the lowest of priorities and that my book is very wrong! So when the session ends tomorrow or is extended, the voters need to remember that! courage and conviction, not whatever way the political winds blows, that is what is wrong with Albany politics, and that is what needs to be fixed in Albany! And politics in general!

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