Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cuomos leadership test?(the OWS issue)

Perhaps the true test of Andrew Cuomos fledgling Govenorship will be this OWS(Occupy Wall Street) issue. because as has been proven by Mayor Bloomberg in NYC & Mayor Quan in Oakland, simply taking a blunt instrument to it(that blunt instrument being the police) will not solve the problem. This issue will take what has been lacking so far in the addression of the OWS movement by elected officals and people of and In power like Gov Cuomo. It will take leadership and the proper engagement of same, by same, to quell the madding crowd! The people want to be heard and they want action, and as long as there is no real engagement of the OWS movement by those who are in a position to deliver on what they are trying to achieve, this movement will only continue to fester and grow! As NY goes so goes the world, and the OWS movement has proven that, and now it is time for the Leader of NY( in my opinion) to lead the world in engaging the OWS movement. This is a true test of leadership ,if ever there was one, and it is long past time for Andrew Cuomo to see if he is indeed equal to this task!

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