Sunday, May 1, 2011

The national electorial cycle & New York

As the national electorial cycle begins in earnest shortly, I, for one, am of the Hope that Gov Cuomo will be one of the loudest voices and one of the Mjaor players in it! As has been proven, as NY goes so goes the nation, and with the nations economic  fortunes being so attuned to Nys, it is only fitting that the leader of this state becomes a major player in the fight for the future of this nation that is about to get underway in earnest! NY money, Ny jobs and NY issues, these must be placed at the forefront of concern for both President Obama, as he seeks to be re-elected, and for all of those who would seek to replace him. The national  electorial cycle is upon us, and it will be both the job and duty of Andrew Cuomo to insure that NY is placed first and foremost on the to- do list of whomever will be the next president of the USA!

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