Thursday, June 23, 2011

Capitol hill prometheus

How like Prometheus, the god who stole fire from the gods and was punished forever for it, is President Obama as he enters into this re-election bid. Because in order to win he must, like prometheus, steal fire from the gods!~He must ignite, like he did in 2008, a fire among americans! Rationale wont win this election, facts wont either! This is fire verus wind. The winds of the republicans that threaten to topple everything that Obama has built! If Obama intends to win another term the same fires he once harnessed, the  fires that galvanized A nation, he must harness again! Because with the republicans set  to unleash, unfetter, and deregulate the rich and powerful, the poor, minorities and middle class in America face another republican nightmare! Being cool clam and collected will not win relelction for the president, being the smartest man in the room wont win relection for the preisdent, but a fire will! A fire like the one that blazed him into office, a fire where hope and change trumped greed  and divisiveness! FIRE Mr president, not Ice!!!! Because if you dont ignite a fire in America, a whole lot of Americans are going to feel a republican cold in 2012!

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