Wednesday, March 30, 2011

the New York State Budget a perspective

SO it seems that by tonight we will have a Budget in place for NYS for the year 2011. And while it can be celebrated that Leadership has returned to the capitol, that order has come once again to the chaos that was capitol hill the last 2 years,what remains glaring in the face of that is the fact that ,while NY government gained, the people of NY lost! While everyone else was forced to shoulder the Burder of our financial difficulties in this state, our legislators and our new Governor, to his detriment, shielded and allowed Millionares and billionares to essentially continue the ways and maintain the means that truly led us to this pass! As I recall, it was wall street ,not main street that got NYS into this mess, not teachers, not collective bargaining , not state workers, not students, and not medicaid recipients! It was Wall street and the banks who created and caused the massive loss of revenue in NYS, Millionares and billionares, but even though their culpablity is a historical and documented fact, were they held accountable? Were they demanded to shoulder the burden that they created? No! And that, for all of the success that has been had in this legislative session, is a great failure! We have a on time Budget in NYS, but what was sacrified in order to present that on time budget is a clear shame!

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