Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Putting people first(the PEF negotiation)

Gov Cuomo is to be commended for doing everything to put people first in this PEF negotiation, and noone can deny that in the wake of this Pef negotiation process! Noone( Especially in this day and time, something i can personally attest to) should be laid off from work. And, as the PEF president/spokesperson stated, The membership needs to have consideration of that fact! Consideration for people. fellows that they have worked alongside for years,(too bad I wasnt given such consideration by my fellows but i digress!) But again, the Gov is to be commended for keeping the door open for as long as he has, and I salute him for bringing the human factor to this process! Now its up to the PEF rank and file to understand that there is a time to choose your battles and now, with so many jobs hanging in the balance, is not the time to pick a fight!!! Pass the contract PEF, keep your fellows employed!!!!

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