Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Gov on the Point

So Now that the Budget has been presented it is up to Gov Cuomo to take the point as it were in the selling of this budget to the people and to the NYS legislature. To his credit Gov Cuomo., in his budget presentation, brought a lucidity and a coherency that has not been seen in NYS and Im sure was very much appreciated. But that Lucidity and coherency in presentation must be matched with lucidity and coherency in action, and this blogger believes that he(the Gov) has the capabilty to do just that! Unencumbered By politics and conflicts as Govs Spitzer and Patterson were, this budget process can be to use Football terms, a straight run for daylight if the Gov quarterbacks it right! For the first time in A very long time NY has a leader who can look fully forward. A Gov  who can see the field for what it is and who can deal with the challenged that are in front of him, not whats coming from behind. SO to be frank, If Gov Cuomo goes on point for this budget, His budget, the chance for success is excellent, and a successful budget process and a on time budget would be for NYS in this time a very good thing, and a very good step for a New Gov in a new Fiscal year! I for one, wish him well in that endeavor, and I call upon the enitre NYS legislature to support him in that effort!

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