Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Price of political correctness.

With Gov Cuomo about to layoff thousdands of people, and with him about to pass same sex marriage in NYS, we, as NYers and Americans really need to start thinking about the price of political correctness. Because , as this nation and this state becomes ,each and every day, worse not better, as  , as the bar continues to be lowered, as teachers, and unions, and religion and everyday people come  under attack, and as we are, due to political correctness forced each and everyday to accept more and more what shouldnt be accepted, in the name of being politically correct, we need to ask ourselves, as people lose jobs, as communties lose services, and our basic rights are infringed upon( and thats what the smoking ban is in NYC a infringement) Is the price of Political correctness something that is worth paying? It seems that there is no more simple right and wrong everything is in a gray area, a politically correct area and that is a bad place for both NYS and America to be! Is the price of political correctness worth paying America?
For me, the answer is definately not!

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