Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cuomos Big Wave( Occupy wall st)

AS his father before him with the major issues of race, Gov Andrew Cuomo is facing a giant wave that he must ride in the Occupy wall st protest. He has been largely slient on the movement that has arisen in his state, but sooner or later he will have to step forward and lead on the issue! But what will he say? He has allready came out as for the Millionares tax( a lynchpin of the Occupy movement) and he is seen in most circles as a union buster, so how does this Gov, who clearly has ambitions beyond Albany, surf the political seas that the Occupy wall street movement has stirred up? Somehow Gov Cuomo must find a way! This movement began here and indeed it is centered here, and the silence from the Gov's office on the issue is telling! Indeed it is such inaction on the issues as a whole that has lead to this movement in its self! So For Gov cuomo this is a Point break and like it or not, its time for Gov Cuomo to ride the wave!!! Surfs up Gov!!!

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