Friday, December 30, 2011

NYpolitics2011 ends & Ny politics2012 begins!

As 2011 ends so does NYpolitics2011, and as 2012 begins so does Nypolitics2012!!! So, If you are looking for the BEST, most informed, most unbiased perspective on NYS politics, then come to as of Jan 4th! Because you can find out the state of the state THERE!!!

Happy New  year!!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cuomo on top

Once again Andrew Cuomo ,with the success of his Tax/Jobs Bill has shown what real stewardship is. In quite a impressive way The new Gov. has ,no matter the difficulty of a issue in NYS, managed to come out on top of the issue! From the Budget , to Unions, and now to the Millionares Tax!  I have monitored NYS Politics for quite some time now, and I must say that I have never seen any gov in MY tenure navigate the political seas of Albany Like Andrew Cuomo has!!! And as 2012 Progresses to its conclusion and as they begin to wonder who is next in the national democratic wings, it goes without saying that if Andrew Cuomo continues to show such expertise, if he continues to come out on top of major issues like these, there may indeed be a Cuomo in the White House before long!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cuomo's new deal

AS The 2012 legislative session prepares to begin, and as Gov Cuomo faces a electorate and a  state that is in a explosive condidtion, he has taken the bull by the horns ,so to speak, and proposed to come forward with a "new deal" as it were. And leading that new deal, as it should, is the, shall we say, revision of the Issue of the"millionares tax"! Because clearly, to be on the wrong side of this issue is, given the climate of the coming legislative session, political suicide for the New Gov. Who clearly has national ambitions in mind! 2011 was ,for the most part, a victory lap for the Gov. But 2012 will be the Litmus test! For with deficit, public question, doubt and pain on the table in NYS it will indeed take a "new deal" to clear the air as it were. A firestorm is coming to Albany in 2012 and A new deal, especially when it comes to the "millionares tax" is exactly the cold water that Gov. Cuomo needs to cool the flames!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cuomos leadership test?(the OWS issue)

Perhaps the true test of Andrew Cuomos fledgling Govenorship will be this OWS(Occupy Wall Street) issue. because as has been proven by Mayor Bloomberg in NYC & Mayor Quan in Oakland, simply taking a blunt instrument to it(that blunt instrument being the police) will not solve the problem. This issue will take what has been lacking so far in the addression of the OWS movement by elected officals and people of and In power like Gov Cuomo. It will take leadership and the proper engagement of same, by same, to quell the madding crowd! The people want to be heard and they want action, and as long as there is no real engagement of the OWS movement by those who are in a position to deliver on what they are trying to achieve, this movement will only continue to fester and grow! As NY goes so goes the world, and the OWS movement has proven that, and now it is time for the Leader of NY( in my opinion) to lead the world in engaging the OWS movement. This is a true test of leadership ,if ever there was one, and it is long past time for Andrew Cuomo to see if he is indeed equal to this task!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Chicken ALA Cuomo?

AS the NYS legislative session fast approaches, so does the time when the game of chicken must finally begin between Gov Cuomo & the OWS(Occupy Wall Street movement) The Gov has been covertly flinching in his public avoidance of addressing the international movement that has arisen in his state, but with it going international and getting stronger every day, the time is fast approaching when he will, either by his actions or the actions of Mayor Bloomberg, and the other leaders of Occipied citties in the State, be put on the spot! The OWS movement and the response to same in NYS is one that will have serious implications and repercussions for Gov Cuomo, and as he enters another contentious legislative session, it is something that he cannot leave to chance, or in the hands of others!So I think, and I'm asking, as will soon many others, whats that plan Gov.?
where do you stand on the OWS situation? And what do you intend to do about it? Because the entire world will be waiting and watching to see what you say, and what you do!!!!

Monday, October 31, 2011

I Told U so(repost

with the freak blizZard hitting so many of NYS flood raaged regions i can only say i told U so! and here is when i told U:

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Delay after the deluge!

Delay, I know delay, since after 2 months of unemployment I am still waiting for the NYS Dept of Labor's Unemployment Division to get on the ball and release my benefits, but this pales in comparision to the delay being caused literally to thousands by Politics on capitol hill. I still have a home, I know where my next meal is coming from, I simply am waiting to move on with life, but for the thousands being kept in Govermental limbo By Washington DC, we are talking a matter of literal life and death! This is the NORTHEAST! cold moves in VERY quickly and anytime after October 1st for those of you who dont know thaqt means SNOW! As in blizzard conditions! And as someone who has endured winter in Schoharie County, I can tell you it is nothing to be trifiled with! Thi disaster that was created By Hurriacne Irene could easily lead to a greater one if a early snowfall arrives , so I implore DC to get on the ball here! Get the people what they need! Get your priorities in order! VBecause we are talking about the here and now, not the Political later! End the delays, stop with the Political one upmanship! because literally, peoples lives are at stake here!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cuomos Big Wave( Occupy wall st)

AS his father before him with the major issues of race, Gov Andrew Cuomo is facing a giant wave that he must ride in the Occupy wall st protest. He has been largely slient on the movement that has arisen in his state, but sooner or later he will have to step forward and lead on the issue! But what will he say? He has allready came out as for the Millionares tax( a lynchpin of the Occupy movement) and he is seen in most circles as a union buster, so how does this Gov, who clearly has ambitions beyond Albany, surf the political seas that the Occupy wall street movement has stirred up? Somehow Gov Cuomo must find a way! This movement began here and indeed it is centered here, and the silence from the Gov's office on the issue is telling! Indeed it is such inaction on the issues as a whole that has lead to this movement in its self! So For Gov cuomo this is a Point break and like it or not, its time for Gov Cuomo to ride the wave!!! Surfs up Gov!!!