Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Return of the Establishment!!!(and the PEF showdown)

They say those who dont learn from the mistakes of the past are destined to repeat them in the future, well guess what America, the Esatablishment is back!! You know the old guard, the monolithic attitude and mindset that facilitiated the civil rights movement, the workers rights movement, the womens rights movement and so much more! The Establishment, who killed the Kennedy brothers, and  Martin Luther King! The establishment, that brought us Kent state, The Watts riots, and so much more loveliness! The Establishment is back in full flourish. Warring on those kids on Wall street, on the kids with their pants on the ground, warring on unions and employees rights, warring on the poor, warring on immigrants and people of color, policing any and everything including fashion!
The establishment is back America arent you happy?

With their vote not to accept the contract with the State PEF has chosen not to kiss the Cuomo ring. And while I cannot discern if this is a political move or no, and while i do support the courage shown, I do know that many NYers, in a time where it clearly cannot be afforded, are in danger of losing their livelihood! I am only hoping that PEF has truly checked the winds here, because I definately feel a ill wind blowing towards them in their efforts. I hope that somehow Gov. Cuomo can find a way to end this impasses with little or no harm to state employees, because if this mushrooms into a bigger battle, it will be devastating all around!For the employees and for the untarnished(until this point) matnle of leadership of the Governors!

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