Monday, January 31, 2011

It takes a leader( the NYS budget)

AS Gov Andrew Cuomo prepares to unleash his first Budget for public viewing. I hope he is prepared to devliver the straight talk that will need to be heard regarding it. Because it is a lecture that has been long over due to be given in NYS! NYS, while still the best state in this great nation, remains  at its worst economically, socially and legislatively! We have rested too long on our laurels, basked too long in our own glow. And while we have done so, NYS has faltered and fell.   Now we in NY have to do something we havent had to do, due to the greatness of this state, since way back when Ford told us to drop dead! We have to work! We have fallen from heaven, fallen from grace, but as allways in NY, the mountaintop is within reach! But it is going to take a leader to get NY there! Is Andrew Cuomo that leader? We in NYS do not know that as yet, but the first step on that journey of finding out will be taken tomorrow when his first budget is presented. And as that step is taken we in NYS must remember that just as moses wandered with the israelites in the wilderness for 40 years, just as dr king struggled in the south for freedom, just as ghandi fought for change against the mighty british empire, nothing comes in a single day and nothing comes easy! It comes with work, sacrifice and above all: LEADERSHIP! It may take a village to raise a child, But it will take a leader to make NYS great again! And the NYS Budget process will be Gov Andrew Cuomos proving ground. For all our sakes I , for one, hope he proves worthy!

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