Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Andrew Cuomo's State of the State Address

As Andrew Cuomo speaks to the state in his first major address as Gov. it will be almost certain that he reraches out to the people. For as he prepares for the herculean task before him, he knows that he is going to need to support of the people when he begins to do the heavy lifting and make the hard choices that are about to affect so many! NYS is in a bad way, and I for one do not envy Andrew the task that is before him, because indeed before this legislative session is done he will make more  enemies than friends both on capitol hill and among the very people he hopes to serve. But Andrew wasnt elected to make friends or endear himself to the usual political status quo, he was elected because people beleive that he has the strength and leadership to do what must be done plain and simple, and tomorrow afternoon THAT is what he must convey to the people, that he can do what must be done, that he is the leader they hope for, and that they voted for! NYers have had enough in the last four years of  disapointment and tomorrow for Andrew it will indeed be Day one! This speech tomorrow may be the Biggest one of Andrews political life, because it will outline all that he plans and all that he hopes to achieve, but more than that it must reach the people and resonate within  them! It indeed must be more than words! so with that said, Gov Cuomo, the podium is yours!!!

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