Friday, June 17, 2011

Anthony Weiner(a lesson in Priorities)

With the resignation of Anthony Weiner, we have here a object lesson in priorities and what happens when that which should be low priority becomes too high! Here was a man who had it all and squandered it because sex became too much of a priority, and that is something that needs to be understood in NYS as well. For while we are caught up in this same sex nonsense, rent control in NYC is in serious jeopoardy! Rather than calling a special session on rent control, it should be done to address the same sex marriage issue once and for all. I think people having a place to live takes a far greater priority than the validation of sexual preferance! As does trying to find a way to not lay off 10000 individuals among other pressing concerns!
Anthony weiner is gone, and in his passing, not one job has been created or saved, and not one rent has been stabilized, our soldiers are still abroad and at war, our educational system is still under siege, and our youth and seniors are still at risk! Priorities people priorities! I hope that is the lesson that is learned from the Weiner debacle, because clearly, we lack them when it comes to real issues versus trvial pursuit in NY!

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