Saturday, June 4, 2011

full disclosure at last!!!!

Full disclosure at last in NYS! Bravo to Gov Cuomo for putting the money where the mouth is! No longer will corruption be a given, a taken for granted in NYS! No longer(we hope) will NYS Government be the public embarassment  it has been for the last few years. Full disclosure is something that has been long overdue in All politics not just NYS, and I am greatly heartened that NYS, as it does in so many things has taken the lead on the issue! This is something that Nyers can be proud of, Gov that Nyers can be proud of, so many people are talking about rightsizing gov. and this is the way to do it! Common sense moves , not outrageous and extreme actions!  Cuomo is getting it done! And getting it done quite well I must say!

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