Saturday, June 25, 2011

Gay marriage, cuomo and the legislative aftermath winners & losers

Now that gay marriage has been legalized in NYS, firstly let me say that only History will judge if it was a monumental acheivement in sociology, or to quote a phrase " a date which will live in infamy"! But that aside, it is clear that there was only one Big winner in this and that Was Gov Cuomo II. Because with his national ambitions now clearly apparent(something I pointed out here first Im proud to say) it can be said that, based on his first few months in office, Gov Cuomo II is a political force on the rise in the Democratic party!  And he(Gov Cuomo II ) can serve as a textbook lesson in how to provide STRONG leadership to those who have whiffled and waffled in their leadership  roles! Leaders lead, they dont compromise and Cuomo II has proven that! Now to the losers ,and that would be everyone else! From the democrats who have kissed the cuomo ring, to those republicans who are now lame ducks walking due to their yes Vote on gay marriage,everyone lost yesterday except for gays and Gov Cuomo. Well played Gov, Well Played! Not bad for a first six months but when the politial honeymonn ends--- now that will be another story, one that we will watch for in the coming months and years!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Capitol hill prometheus

How like Prometheus, the god who stole fire from the gods and was punished forever for it, is President Obama as he enters into this re-election bid. Because in order to win he must, like prometheus, steal fire from the gods!~He must ignite, like he did in 2008, a fire among americans! Rationale wont win this election, facts wont either! This is fire verus wind. The winds of the republicans that threaten to topple everything that Obama has built! If Obama intends to win another term the same fires he once harnessed, the  fires that galvanized A nation, he must harness again! Because with the republicans set  to unleash, unfetter, and deregulate the rich and powerful, the poor, minorities and middle class in America face another republican nightmare! Being cool clam and collected will not win relelction for the president, being the smartest man in the room wont win relection for the preisdent, but a fire will! A fire like the one that blazed him into office, a fire where hope and change trumped greed  and divisiveness! FIRE Mr president, not Ice!!!! Because if you dont ignite a fire in America, a whole lot of Americans are going to feel a republican cold in 2012!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

back from the brink!

It's a good thing that lawmakers have stepped back from the brink as this same sex thing goes, because this is not something that should be steamrollered into law. Cuomos leadership strength aside, I think this should be something that the people of NY vote on, not have legislated upon them! It would be good for everyone involved and it would truly settle the matter because it would come from the people not from politics or the motivation of same! So i'll go on record here and say that I hope there is no vote on the issue, and if there is one, i hope it fails, because this is for the people to decide in the ballot box, not legislators!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

courage & conviction, not whatever way the political wind blows!

As the legislative session draws to a close, I hope that on this Same sex marriage issue, that it passes or fails due to the courage and conviction of those who are addressing the matter, not by politicans going with whatever way the political wind is blowing! This issue(a issue that shouldnt be priority in my opinion in this time of high unemployment, fiscal concerns, educational issues and much more) Is something that strikes at the very core of right and wrong in America and it should be about that, as opposed to being simply politics or political fodder! As I said ijn a prior blog post there is a price to be paid for this, and with that price being so high, we cannot afford to be steamrollered in to making a decision simply for politics sake! Simply this is not a issue of civil rights or quality of life, this is a small issue magnified to levels where it should not be or hold, and it shouldnt be putting other more important issues on hold as well! This issue has been a measure of courage and conviction(or the lack of same )on Albanys capitol hill, not a issue of republicans versus democrat and that is what will be most remembered by voters like myself in future elections, who had the courage to stand by their convictions when addressing this issue instead of going in whatever way the political  wind blew! its not wrong to vote no, and its not wrong to vote yes, UNLESS your vote shows a clear lack of courage and convictions! And if it does then shame on you!!! Because the public deserves better than a political sham vote and a political sham issue, which to be frank this same sex marriage issue is and has become! What the public needs to focus on is the fact that while all this time has been spent on this sexual nonsense, real quality of life issues like Rent Control  are given the lowest of priorities and that my book is very wrong! So when the session ends tomorrow or is extended, the voters need to remember that! courage and conviction, not whatever way the political winds blows, that is what is wrong with Albany politics, and that is what needs to be fixed in Albany! And politics in general!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Anthony Weiner(a lesson in Priorities)

With the resignation of Anthony Weiner, we have here a object lesson in priorities and what happens when that which should be low priority becomes too high! Here was a man who had it all and squandered it because sex became too much of a priority, and that is something that needs to be understood in NYS as well. For while we are caught up in this same sex nonsense, rent control in NYC is in serious jeopoardy! Rather than calling a special session on rent control, it should be done to address the same sex marriage issue once and for all. I think people having a place to live takes a far greater priority than the validation of sexual preferance! As does trying to find a way to not lay off 10000 individuals among other pressing concerns!
Anthony weiner is gone, and in his passing, not one job has been created or saved, and not one rent has been stabilized, our soldiers are still abroad and at war, our educational system is still under siege, and our youth and seniors are still at risk! Priorities people priorities! I hope that is the lesson that is learned from the Weiner debacle, because clearly, we lack them when it comes to real issues versus trvial pursuit in NY!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Price of political correctness.

With Gov Cuomo about to layoff thousdands of people, and with him about to pass same sex marriage in NYS, we, as NYers and Americans really need to start thinking about the price of political correctness. Because , as this nation and this state becomes ,each and every day, worse not better, as  , as the bar continues to be lowered, as teachers, and unions, and religion and everyday people come  under attack, and as we are, due to political correctness forced each and everyday to accept more and more what shouldnt be accepted, in the name of being politically correct, we need to ask ourselves, as people lose jobs, as communties lose services, and our basic rights are infringed upon( and thats what the smoking ban is in NYC a infringement) Is the price of Political correctness something that is worth paying? It seems that there is no more simple right and wrong everything is in a gray area, a politically correct area and that is a bad place for both NYS and America to be! Is the price of political correctness worth paying America?
For me, the answer is definately not!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cuomo 2016????

Say Barrack Obama is defeated in 2012, and the republicans rule. And ,as usual ,they tax cut, and deregulate us(as they allways do) into a deficit and unemployment nightmare.(as they have done) America will will be looking for a leader, a new democratic leader, and since there is no Clinton, who could it be?  Perhaps a budget balancing, tax capping, ethical reformer from Albany NY? Cuomo 2016? A very distinct possibility!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

full disclosure at last!!!!

Full disclosure at last in NYS! Bravo to Gov Cuomo for putting the money where the mouth is! No longer will corruption be a given, a taken for granted in NYS! No longer(we hope) will NYS Government be the public embarassment  it has been for the last few years. Full disclosure is something that has been long overdue in All politics not just NYS, and I am greatly heartened that NYS, as it does in so many things has taken the lead on the issue! This is something that Nyers can be proud of, Gov that Nyers can be proud of, so many people are talking about rightsizing gov. and this is the way to do it! Common sense moves , not outrageous and extreme actions!  Cuomo is getting it done! And getting it done quite well I must say!