Tuesday, February 22, 2011

NYSABAPL weekend report

The past weekend, if the annual legislative conferance of Black, Asian and Puerto Rican legislators is any barometer , was a measure of concern, and change. It was a weekend of the the old political warhorses, and the same old political issues, and it was a sign of change to come! It was a weekend of Rev Al sharpton galvanizing the faithful for the effort, and Charles Barron confronting the issue head on! It was a weekend where the greatest congressional delegation on Capitol Hill was among its constituency, Charles Rangel, Kristen Gillibrand and  Sen Chuck Schumer, all there and all welcomed with open arms! And it was a weekend with Political up and comers testing the waters. Like My good friend Bronx borough President Ruben Diaz Jr( MY pick to contend for Mayor of NYC in the next Mayoral Cycle), and City comptroller John Liu ( a dark horse who could win it with the right Political jockey) But I think the greatest message that this weekend sent was one that I hope will be delivered far and wide, be it from people like Charles Barron, or from the mouth of babes! In this time of extreme politics, when we can make war on seniors, the poor, and children and familes IE: medicare, social security,education,and collective bargaining for public employees, why are politicians, from the president on down, loathe  to fight against millionares?!!! Protect the  poor, protect seniors, protect education,protect children,protect families, protect public employees rights, and stop protecting Millionares!! Thats what this weekend was about in Albany , and as allways I am glad to say I attended and was a BIG part of it!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

NYSABPL the place to be!

I hope that if you read this, you take the time to come down to the Empire State Plaza  in Albany NY this weekend, whether youre young or old, black, white,spanish, asian, indian or whatever, and experience all that the annual black and puerto rican legislative weeknd has to offer! Because you will get a chance to see the other side, not just of people of color , but of Capitol hill in Albany as well! You will see legislators inateracting and listening to the concerns of their consituencies,to the public, and you will witness the public being heard. You will hear  inspirational  stories, and meet inspirational figures, and you will witness youth being youth, and people generally enjoying themselves one and all! So many horror stories come out of Albanys capitol, but for the most part what really goes on is neglected, especially by the media! So rather than waiting for the story that is never heard, I encourage you one and all, to come and see it for yourselves! You'll be pleasantly surprised!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

the way the wind blows

As the annual NYS Black and Puerto Rican legislative conferance arrives in the State capitol this weekend, you will be able to tell which way the wind is blowing regarding the new governors Budgetary efforts! And you can bet that it will be the main topic of discussion at all the workshops , receptions, luncheons, and dinners!   I fully expect the Goverbnor to be on the ground there with a presence. because simply put ,the political wind that will come out of Albany this weekend will be one that can billow the sails of the new governors ship of state, or it will be a wind that will create the most stormy of seas! And in these most treacherous of waters which is the NYS Budgetary session it will be necessary for All hands to be on deck as it were! This weekend is the Biggest political weekend of the year in NYS!   where the political  alliances that are needed to pass the budget will be forged, or where the political cabals that will scuttle it plan in the shadows. The way the political wind blows.You will be able to gauge it this weekend in Albany NY, and for the fledgling ship of state that is the New Cuomo Administration I hope it catches a political sail wind and not a headwind! Because it must get out of port, not remain landlocked as the Obama ship of state is or as the Patterson ship of state was! A lot is riding here, and it is imperative that Gov Cuomo insures that, coming out of this legislative weekend ,the wind is in his sails and beneath his wings!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Gov on the Point

So Now that the Budget has been presented it is up to Gov Cuomo to take the point as it were in the selling of this budget to the people and to the NYS legislature. To his credit Gov Cuomo., in his budget presentation, brought a lucidity and a coherency that has not been seen in NYS and Im sure was very much appreciated. But that Lucidity and coherency in presentation must be matched with lucidity and coherency in action, and this blogger believes that he(the Gov) has the capabilty to do just that! Unencumbered By politics and conflicts as Govs Spitzer and Patterson were, this budget process can be to use Football terms, a straight run for daylight if the Gov quarterbacks it right! For the first time in A very long time NY has a leader who can look fully forward. A Gov  who can see the field for what it is and who can deal with the challenged that are in front of him, not whats coming from behind. SO to be frank, If Gov Cuomo goes on point for this budget, His budget, the chance for success is excellent, and a successful budget process and a on time budget would be for NYS in this time a very good thing, and a very good step for a New Gov in a new Fiscal year! I for one, wish him well in that endeavor, and I call upon the enitre NYS legislature to support him in that effort!