Monday, October 31, 2011

I Told U so(repost

with the freak blizZard hitting so many of NYS flood raaged regions i can only say i told U so! and here is when i told U:

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Delay after the deluge!

Delay, I know delay, since after 2 months of unemployment I am still waiting for the NYS Dept of Labor's Unemployment Division to get on the ball and release my benefits, but this pales in comparision to the delay being caused literally to thousands by Politics on capitol hill. I still have a home, I know where my next meal is coming from, I simply am waiting to move on with life, but for the thousands being kept in Govermental limbo By Washington DC, we are talking a matter of literal life and death! This is the NORTHEAST! cold moves in VERY quickly and anytime after October 1st for those of you who dont know thaqt means SNOW! As in blizzard conditions! And as someone who has endured winter in Schoharie County, I can tell you it is nothing to be trifiled with! Thi disaster that was created By Hurriacne Irene could easily lead to a greater one if a early snowfall arrives , so I implore DC to get on the ball here! Get the people what they need! Get your priorities in order! VBecause we are talking about the here and now, not the Political later! End the delays, stop with the Political one upmanship! because literally, peoples lives are at stake here!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cuomos Big Wave( Occupy wall st)

AS his father before him with the major issues of race, Gov Andrew Cuomo is facing a giant wave that he must ride in the Occupy wall st protest. He has been largely slient on the movement that has arisen in his state, but sooner or later he will have to step forward and lead on the issue! But what will he say? He has allready came out as for the Millionares tax( a lynchpin of the Occupy movement) and he is seen in most circles as a union buster, so how does this Gov, who clearly has ambitions beyond Albany, surf the political seas that the Occupy wall street movement has stirred up? Somehow Gov Cuomo must find a way! This movement began here and indeed it is centered here, and the silence from the Gov's office on the issue is telling! Indeed it is such inaction on the issues as a whole that has lead to this movement in its self! So For Gov cuomo this is a Point break and like it or not, its time for Gov Cuomo to ride the wave!!! Surfs up Gov!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Putting people first(the PEF negotiation)

Gov Cuomo is to be commended for doing everything to put people first in this PEF negotiation, and noone can deny that in the wake of this Pef negotiation process! Noone( Especially in this day and time, something i can personally attest to) should be laid off from work. And, as the PEF president/spokesperson stated, The membership needs to have consideration of that fact! Consideration for people. fellows that they have worked alongside for years,(too bad I wasnt given such consideration by my fellows but i digress!) But again, the Gov is to be commended for keeping the door open for as long as he has, and I salute him for bringing the human factor to this process! Now its up to the PEF rank and file to understand that there is a time to choose your battles and now, with so many jobs hanging in the balance, is not the time to pick a fight!!! Pass the contract PEF, keep your fellows employed!!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cuomos big problem(occupy wall street)

The Cuomo express is eventually going to have to deal with a Big problem, that problem being the occupy wall street protest, and as someone who is against taxing the rich, the problem will get even bigger! Occupy Wall street is getting bigger not smaller, and seeing the organization and infrastructure that is in place, not even the harsh NYC winter will diminish it(NYE on wall street, it boggles the mind to think of it!) SO Im sure that right now, more than The PEF layoffs, more than hydrofracking, more than the aftermath of Hurricane irene, it is the Wall street protests, a virtual  political ticking time bomb, that is now occupying Andrew Cuomos thoughts, because it is becoming a huge monolith, and on this issue, Andrew Cuomo finds himself on the wrong side of it!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

U say U want a revolution?

Talk about karma! In lower NY where on 9/11/01 the fire was lit, revolution has finally come to American shores! Not thru the violence of cowardly terror, but by the American people finally waking up! The overbearing and unconcionable greed, the continued discrimination, the let them eat cake attitude of the rich while everyday people have to struggle, the discrepancies in wealth and access, that and so much more! The Beatles asked in song you say you want a revolution, well for America it may finally be here! And for those greedy self serving pompous individuals who make up the 1 percent, the ones for whom the storm troopers stand in defense of down on wall street, the ones who republicans like Herman Cain feel are blameless for nearly double digit unemployment, the destruction of the housing market and so much more, I can only say it is long overdue! So what do you think America, Are you ready for a revolution? Because now, finally, America has its sights set on the real enemy: AMERICAN GREED!!!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The PEF problem and wall street

With PEF choosing not to accept the strong arm offer of the Gov , Said gov now faces his first real dilemma in his new governorship. And with the vision of being the Democratic Chris Christie dancing no doubt in his head, Gov A. Cuomo must find a way to resolve this issue with as little furor as possible, because Union busting is not a good look to have on a future presidential resume! So I hope that this PEF issue is resolved with all due care, because it is not just the future of the 3000 potentially to be laid off, but it is the future of Andrew Cuomos political ambitions as well! And that problem aside, there is the growing issue of the occupation of Wall street that sooner or later must be addressed. Because politically this is a time bomb waiting to go off, and when it goes, everyone mayor, gov, reps, sen, and even the president himself may be blown out of the water! So the person who gets as far out in front of that inevitable explosion as soon as possible will be the person who best weathers it!!! Tick ,tock, tick tock!!!