Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Return of the Establishment!!!(and the PEF showdown)

They say those who dont learn from the mistakes of the past are destined to repeat them in the future, well guess what America, the Esatablishment is back!! You know the old guard, the monolithic attitude and mindset that facilitiated the civil rights movement, the workers rights movement, the womens rights movement and so much more! The Establishment, who killed the Kennedy brothers, and  Martin Luther King! The establishment, that brought us Kent state, The Watts riots, and so much more loveliness! The Establishment is back in full flourish. Warring on those kids on Wall street, on the kids with their pants on the ground, warring on unions and employees rights, warring on the poor, warring on immigrants and people of color, policing any and everything including fashion!
The establishment is back America arent you happy?

With their vote not to accept the contract with the State PEF has chosen not to kiss the Cuomo ring. And while I cannot discern if this is a political move or no, and while i do support the courage shown, I do know that many NYers, in a time where it clearly cannot be afforded, are in danger of losing their livelihood! I am only hoping that PEF has truly checked the winds here, because I definately feel a ill wind blowing towards them in their efforts. I hope that somehow Gov. Cuomo can find a way to end this impasses with little or no harm to state employees, because if this mushrooms into a bigger battle, it will be devastating all around!For the employees and for the untarnished(until this point) matnle of leadership of the Governors!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Delay after the deluge!

Delay, I know delay, since after 2 months of unemployment I am still waiting for the NYS Dept of Labor's Unemployment Division to get on the ball and release my benefits, but this pales in comparision to the delay being caused literally to thousands by Politics on capitol hill. I still have a home, I know where my next meal is coming from, I simply am waiting to move on with life, but for the thousands being kept in Govermental limbo By Washington DC, we are talking a matter of literal life and death! This is the NORTHEAST! cold moves in VERY quickly and anytime after October 1st for those of you who dont know thaqt means SNOW! As in blizzard conditions! And as someone who has endured winter in Schoharie County, I can tell you it is nothing to be trifiled with! Thi disaster that was created By Hurriacne Irene could easily lead to a greater one if a early snowfall arrives , so I implore DC to get on the ball here! Get the people what they need! Get your priorities in order! VBecause we are talking about the here and now, not the Political later! End the delays, stop with the Political one upmanship! because literally, peoples lives are at stake here!!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Washingtons shame, NY's suffering!

In a shameful act akin to Ford telling NY to "drop dead" Washington Dc ,as it allways does when it pertains to NY issues, is dropping the ball in the wake of what may be the biggest disaster in NY since 9/11! Whole towns have been washed away! Homes are gone, livelihoods are lost, schools have been destroyed , the hospitalized have been displaced, and yet washington wants to play Politics? To quote a phrase and to paraphrase same: Have you No decency sirs and madams?
Its not about money, politics deficits whatever, its about the people, the american people you were elected and sworn to serve! Because to be frank every day of delay is nothing more than a disservice! People are suffering Washington DC! and it is to your shame that they do! Get the people of NYS what they need now, Play politics about it later!!!!! And I think Gov Cuomo, along with Gov Christie and the Gov of Vermont neeed to Gov to Capitol Hill Now not later to bring attention to this heinous political shame!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

9/11/01 and the spirit of NY(the spirit of America!)

With the anniversary of a date which will live in infamy, 9/11/01, rather than focus on the tragedy that befell NY & America on that date, I instead choose to focus on How the spirit of NY,  and Nyers and how that spirit, that never say die attitude changed the world. If 9/11/01 had happened anywhere else, they, and their nation would have been broken both in Body and spirit.This is something we have seen throught history, but in NY, and only in NY when such a unimaginable blow was struck, did the people refuse to give in! Only in NY, and America, did the people stand up and shout defiantly to those who thought they had won a decisive victory that we werent done! Only In NY & America did we stand up, brush our selves off , and summoned our determined spirit to turn what was terrors greatest victory to its greatest failure! The dancing in the streets of Araby quickly turned to wailing as NY and America stood up and fought back! And now, 10 years later, with the capitols of Araby falling one by one into the chaos they had sought for us, we can see that when the spirit of NY, the spirit of America is roused, the world changes! And now that spirit has been roused again as NY fights against flooding. Can you hear it NY? We are once again  shouting defiantly that we arent done! The spirit of NY, the Spirit of America! One more reason why that, even in our darkest hours, we are american proud and american strong! 9/11/01 was a great tragedy for NY & America, But it was a showcase of our greatest power, our greatest strength, the spirit of Ny, the spirit of America! and for that we can on this day of days be proud as Nyers & as americans!!!