Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cuomo, the Tax cap, and life beyond the porcine!

TO be frank, the Gov is right, NYers, and the Ny education system can live under a tax cap and they should! Even a pig can be overfed, and the porcine nature of our educational system is one of the reaons why  it continues to fail! All over the world, educational sytems that are leaner and meaner than ours are pushing out superior educated students! You dont hear them crying about oh we need more money, yada yada yada! They are getting the job done with what they have, and it is far less than what we are giving yearly to education, particulalry in this state! We cant keep filling the trough, especially since the quality of "meat " here is steadily declining! Cuomo is right, NYers can and should live under a tax cap. It will be something that our educational system in  this state has provided for a long time now, a EDUCATIONAL experience!

Monday, April 25, 2011


Simply put, its way past time for someone to put out the call, somome in a high leadership position to boycott gasoline until the outrageously high prices come down! Its unacceptable for the american people to be essentially gouged at the pump, and for the leadership of this nation to simply say"there's nothing that can be done." This is the USA!! there is  nothing we cant do when we put our mind to it!Just  imagine what would have happned if President Obama, instead of saying there's nothing we can do, came out and took a position that galvanized the american people, and what if he was joined in this by members of congress and other public figures? Talk about a sea change! And to be frank that is what is needed as it pertains to this gas situation, A sea change! We dont need to simply wait and ride it out! We need action! And the action we need is to BOYCOTT gas! A one week Boycott of of gas would speak volumes!  One week would make a sea change. I think its a valid idea, what do you think America? I know youre out there!!!! BOYCOTT GAS! Are we cash cows or americans?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

the legislative session 2011 the aftermath

Well the dust has settled, and the smoke has cleared, and, in the aftermath of the legislative session of 2011 ,it can be said that while order was established in the legislature of NY, chaos still reigns supreme in the social state and order of same! Andrew Cuomo proved himself a leader, a undisputed leader. The days of the political chaos and disorder of the Spitzer and Patterson administrations are gone, and I for one and very happy about that. But while we dont have to endure any republican engineered coups or any self serving, crabs in a barrel  political agendas,we do have to face the fact that this order was gained at the peoples expense! Issues that should have been contended werent, and how that will affect the public at large noone can say. I believe in one step at a time, and if the securing of the political theatre was the first step then so be it.But in the aftermath of the 2011 legislative session I will be the first to say that the public is very much waiting and ready to see what step 2 is going to be! And hopefully they wont have to wait until 2012 to see it!